​"Douglas Martin is the guest conductor...His fine musicianship is what's keeping things moving splendidly along"

​"Amore's pit band... made a robust sound under Douglas Martin's Baton... the thrilling not to be missed." 

​​​​"Florida State University's Cosi is a comedic classic...  exquisitely beautiful... An array of jaw-dropping, gorgeous arias, cavatinas, and ensembles... A must see for those in need of a Mozart fix.  The orchestra under the direction of visiting conductor Douglas Martin sounded rich and full.  

The Tallahassee Democrat

​"A fine orchestral performance... under the baton of Douglas Martin, the orchestra contributed some of the best work I've heard from them... their synchronization was tight and the playing energized." 

This Barber produced and sent on the road by Virginia Opera is excellent.  Douglas Martin... paced the singers well."

The Washington Post


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