​PC laptop or desktop users will also need an audio interface (unless your mic has an ASIO driver) and a common, heavy duty, basic xlr (3 pronged jack) mic. 

You'll need free software for your computer from to hear your distant partner(s), 

Most PC's and Mac's will benefit from using an ethernet cable plus adapter to quicken your connection.

Make music together 100's of miles away

​Audio Upgrades/Free Software

​to hear your own voice, and your distant partner(s)  at the same time.  In a pinch free airline buds (wired) may also work.

Change hearts with your voice

​​​​​​​​​​​​​       Zoom and other  video conference programs emphasize video quality and call stability with a quarter note delay making  effective coaching impossible.   

​​       Since the Covid - pandemic, Oberlin College, the Academy of Vocal Arts, the New England Conservatory, and the Merola program of the San Francisco Opera have been using "real time" low-delay audio software like


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