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​Change hearts with your voice

       Zoom and other video conference programs put an emphasis on video quality and call stability.   The better the video quality and stability -  the more delay is built into one's internet connection.  


        For the past year, music departments at schools and Universities have been creating "real time" low-delay audio connections within 500 miles for individual lessons and larger groups by requiring the following

             1. Turning off wifi and connecting your router  with an ethernet cable and for most laptops  an ethernet adapter to your  late model, or older but fast computer.    If you do not have a late model, or fast computer;                         sells a  fast music box (FMB)  with software built in that works very well.   See opening page upper right corner click on tab  Donation/FMB.    

        I-pads, and smart phones  have too much delay and  do not work  well to make music remotely - however, they can control a fast music box without a computer.   

       2. Using WIRED, open-ear, non-noise cancelling headphones  to hear your distant partner(s) and your own voice at the same time.


       3.  Employing free software from                       to select for each connection the optimum ratio of quality and stability / versus delay.  



​       4.  Using a (muted) free video conferencing software in conjunction with soundjack.eu.  I recommend                .    Click on "see it in action now". ​  No download is required to establish a meeting nor do invitees need to download the software - invited participants need only give permission to open their camera and microphone - easy!