​​​​​​       Zoom and othervideo conference programs emphasize video quality and call stability with an eighth note or quarter note delay making music making or any effective coaching impossible.   

​​       Since the Covid - pandemic, music departments such as Oberlin College, the Academy of Vocal Arts, the New England Conservatory, and the Merola program of the San Francisco Opera have been using "real time" low-delay audio software like soundjack.eu.


       You'll need free software for your Apple computer from                 A Mac laptop, or desktop with a least a 4-core processor is significantly easier to set up for low delay work than a PC.



 to hear your distant partner(s), and your own voice at the same time.  In a pinch free airline buds (wired) may also work.

       An ethernet cable and for most computers except the new I-mac 24" - an ethernet adapter  - will quicken your connection.  


​       ​​PC laptop or desktop users will also need an audio interface (sound card, or music box) and an xls mic and cable:

     As of June 2023, a soundjack app for iPad and iPhone is still in the testing phase.  


Make music together 100's of miles away


​Change hearts with your voice