Make music together 100's of miles away


​Change hearts with your voice

       Zoom and other video conference programs put an emphasis on video quality and call stability.   The better the video quality and stability - the more delay is built into one's internet connection.  

​​       For the past two years, music departments such as Oberlin College, the Academy of Vocal Arts, the New England Conservatory, and the Merola program of the San Francisco Opera have been creating "real time" low-delay audio connections by employing  

        You'll need WIRED, open-ear, non-noise cancelling headphones to hear your distant partner(s), and your own voice at the same time.  In a pinch free airline buds (wired) may also work. 

Turning off wifi and connecting your router with an ethernet cable and for most MACS an ethernet adapter  will quicken your connection.  Mac's are significantly easier to set up with  Four-core  minimum.  


        Employing free software:  to select for each connection the optimum ratio of quality and stability / versus "in the same room feel."  



​​PC users will need, in addition to the headphones, and ethernet cable above, an audio interface and xlr mic: